Columbus, GA Historical Map - 1886

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Columbus, GA Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps
Columbus, GA Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps
Columbus, GA Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps
Columbus, GA Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps
Columbus, GA Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps
Columbus, GA Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps

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Map Description

Historic Columbus Landmarks On This Map

  • Court House
  • Trinity Episcobal Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • St. Paul Methodist Church
  • Second Baptist Church
  • Jewish Synagogue
  • Broad Street Methodist Church
  • St. James Methodist Church Colored
  • First Baptist Church Colored
  • St. Johns Methodist Church Colored
  • First Presbyterian Church Colored
  • Boys Public School
  • Girls Public School
  • Colored Public School
  • Colored Public School
  • Public Library
  • Y. M. C. A. Hall
  • City Park
  • Salisbury Park
  • Rose Hill Park
  • Court House Park
  • Union Depot
  • Cemetery
  • Geo. A. Bradford, City Drug Store
  • Hatcher & Peabody, Attorneys at Law
  • M. A. Bradford, Saddles and Harness
  • D. A. Joseph, Mdse. & Produce Broker
  • C. H. Lequin, Jeweler
  • John Blackmar, Stock & Bond Broker and Real Estate Agent
  • Flournoy & Epping Alston Warehouse
  • H. A. Gibson, Furniture
  • Slade & Farish, Lowell Ware House
  • Empire Stables
  • J. S. Stewart, Job Printer
  • R. Jefferson, Wholesale Grocer
  • I. Josephs Residence
  • J. H. Edwards, Saloon
  • J. T. Kavanagh, Grocer
  • Rhodes Brown, Fire Insurance Agent
  • Rankin House, Jno. Scherf, Proprietor
  • Garter & Bradley, Webster Ware House
  • Johnston & Norman, Brokers
  • Joel Bush, Hardware
  • Mulford & Epping, Insurance Agents
  • Frank Mo Ardles Residence
  • Chancellor & Pearce, Clothiers and Merchant Tailors
  • I. L. Pollard, Grocer
  • Wells & Curtis, Boots and Shoes
  • G. W. Dillinghams Residence
  • Wm. Beach & Co., Hardware
  • C. A. Redd & Co., Wholesale Grocers
  • Soule, Redd & Co., Brokers and Real Estate Agents
  • Mayor C. Grimes Resdience
  • Hunt Bros., Wholesale Grocer
  • A. A. Dozier, Attorney at Law
  • Merchants and Mechanics Bank
  • B. T. Hatchers Residence
  • J. J. Slade, Slades School for Boys
  • A. M. Elledge. Proprietor, Monumental Marble Works
  • Springer Opera House, Theo. M. Foley, Manager
  • O. S. Jordans Residence
  • Frazer & Dozier, Hardware
  • T. S. Young & Co., Grocers
  • W. B. Slade, Attorney and Councellor at Law
  • J. S. Garretts Residence
  • G. Gunby Jordans Residence
  • C. Schomburg Jeweler
  • Cooper & Newsome, Wholesale Grocers
  • H F. Everett, Stoves and Tin Ware
  • Thos. Gilbert, Printer, Binder and Paper Box Manufacturer
  • O. C. Johnson Red Star Stores
  • J. A. Kirven & Co., Dry Goods
  • J. C. Reedy, Real Estate Agent
  • Swift & Hamburger Planters Ware House
  • C A. Lovelace & Co., Merchant Tailors and Gents Furnishers
  • T. S. Spear, Watches and Jewelry
  • Villa Reich
  • Thos. Chaffin, Books and Music
  • A. A. Williams, Photograph Gallery
  • Wittich & Kinsel, Watches and Jewelry
  • Chas. Phillips, Residence and Grounds : Rose Hill
  • G. E. Thomas, Jr., Attorney at Law
  • R. P. Sommerkamp, will be with Loeb & Kaufman

This is an ultra-high quality, digitally restored print of Columbus, GA from the year 1886.

This historic piece includes several historic Columbus landmarks, and it's very accurate for 1886.

Our team has restored this vintage Columbus map by enhancing the colors as well as editing out stains, rips and creases. Some markings such as stamps and other markings with historical value have been left untouched, but can be easily cleaned up if you wish at no extra cost.

This beautiful historic map of Columbus, GA comes in various sizes and is printed in ultra-high quality resolution on museum-quality, matte finish paper.

These look incredible either framed or unframed.

Questions about this Columbus, Georgia 1886 map?

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