Fort Worth, TX Historical Map - 1886

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Fort Worth, TX Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps
Fort Worth, TX Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps
Fort Worth, TX Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps
Fort Worth, TX Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps
Fort Worth, TX Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps
Fort Worth, TX Historical Map - 1886 - Ted's Vintage Maps

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Map Description

Historic Fort Worth Landmarks On This Map

  • Joseph H. Brown, Wholesale Grocer
  • The Martin Brown Co Wholesale Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Notions, Etc
  • B. C. Evans Co. Wholesale Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes and Hats
  • W. A. Huffman, Implement Company
  • The City National Bank
  • W. F. Lake, Wholesale and Retail Hardware
  • Casey & Swasey, Whosale Liquors and Cigars
  • Henry & Peak, Wholesale and Retail Hardware
  • Max Elser, Wholesale Book Store, Pianos, Organs, Etc
  • Fort Worth Grocery Co., Wholesale and Retail Grocers and Commission Merchants
  • Zane Cetti, Real Estate and Insurance
  • Littlejohn & Martin, Real Estate and Insurance
  • John S. Andrews & Co., Loan, Land and Live Stock
  • Wm. F. Sommerville, Loan Broker
  • Hunter, Stewart & Peacock, Attorneys at Law
  • C. B. Daggett, Jr. Residence
  • R. T. Twombly & Son, Real Estate
  • E. B. Daggett,
  • A. S. Nicholson, Cattle, Land and Real Estate Broker
  • General Office, Fort Worth and Denver City R. R
  • Fort Worth National Bank
  • State National Bank
  • Savings Bank, James Branch & Co
  • Commercial Club
  • Fort Worth Machine and Boiler Works
  • Forth Worth Ice Company and Electric Light Station
  • Fort Worth Refrigerating Company
  • Novelty Mills, Mark Evans,
  • Anchor Mills, M. P. Bewley
  • Roller Flour Mills, Wm. Annesser
  • Fort Worth Carriage Works, Schneider & Jahns
  • E. H. Keller, Carriage Manufacturer and Dealer
  • City Elevator, N. C. Brooks
  • G. W. Gillespie, Lumber Yard
  • Elliott & Roe, Lumber, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Et
  • Taylor & Barr, Dry Goods
  • Gruendler Bros., Dry Goods and Notions
  • Dahlman Bros., Clothiers and Merchant Tailors
  • Washer & August, Clothiers and Furnishers
  • Howard Tully, Jeweler
  • Fry & Jones, Jeweler
  • H. N. Conner, Books and Stationery
  • Johnson & Tally, Wholesale and Retail Hardware, Wagon Wood and Iron
  • H. W. Harry & Bros., Hardware, Stoves, Galvanized Cornices and Corrugated Iron
  • J. Cook & Co., Stoves and Tinware
  • James Branch, Furniture
  • F. W. Bradley & Co., Furniture
  • First Baptist Church
  • Catholic Church
  • Episcopal Church
  • Fourth St. Southern M. E. Church
  • Cumberland Presbyterian Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Colored Church
  • South Side Baptist Church
  • Christian Church
  • German Evangelical Church
  • St. Pauls Northern M. E. Church
  • Broadway Presbyterian Church
  • Second Presbyterian Church
  • County Court House
  • Lampton Bros., Boots and Shoes
  • Lewis Bros., Boots and Shoes
  • Dashwood & Oesch, Druggists
  • Fort Worth Pharmacy Co
  • Cruce & Browning, Druggists and Pharmacists
  • Weaber Bros., Druggists
  • Ellis & Kellner, Saddlery Mfrs and Dealers
  • A. Sterb, Guns and Ammunition
  • Pope & Sons, Groceries
  • W. F. Patterson, Hay, Grain and Feed
  • A. Cante, City Market
  • Texas Wesleyan College
  • St. Josephs Convent
  • Post Office
  • Ward Schools
  • Daily Gazette
  • Texas Live Stock Journal & Water Works
  • County Jail
  • Mo. Pacific R. R. Hospital
  • City Hall
  • Union Depot
  • Opera House
  • Evening Mail
  • Sunday Mirror
  • Texas Commercial Reporter
  • John A. Ashmore, Palace Market
  • J. M. Lyles, Trinity Saloon
  • Sanguinet & Dawson, Architects
  • J. J. Kane, Architect
  • S. B. Haggart, Architect
  • R. G. Dunn & Co., Mercantile Agency
  • Ross & Ross, Attorneys and Abstractors
  • Davis, Beall & Rogers, Attorneys at Law
  • W. B. Ford, Attorney
  • W. R. Booth, Attorney
  • D. T. Copher, Rental Agent
  • Drew Pruit, Attorney
  • Capps & Canty, Attorneys
  • W. R. McLaury, Attorney
  • Ayres & Lassiter, Attorneys
  • Oliver S. Kennedy, Atty and Loan Agent
  • R. H. Tucker, Sheriff
  • W. B. Hale Constable
  • John F. Swayne, County Clerk, Res
  • K. M. VanZandt
  • W. M. Harrison
  • A. B. Smith
  • J. W. Spencer
  • S. P. Tucker
  • E. H. Carter
  • J. P. Taylor
  • J. M. Lyles
  • Geo. N. Want
  • A. E. Want
  • C. D. Lusk
  • N. C. Brooks
  • J. H. Nagle
  • M. J. Loughrey
  • W. B. Tucker
  • Dan B. Adams & Co., Live Stock Commission Yards
  • T. A. Kutz, O. K. Paint Shop, House, Sign and Decorative Painting
  • The Bradley Mfg Co., Rubber Stamps, Seals and Stencils
  • J. E. Daniels, Little Blue Photograph Gallery
  • Geo. Eitelman, Park Horse Shoeing Shop
  • Cotton, Gin and Feed Mill, G. H. Craig
  • Ginocehios Hotel
  • Mansion Hotel
  • Pickwick Hotel
  • Clark House, J. F. Kendall
  • Windsor House
  • Southern Hotel
  • The J. F. Ellis House

This is a high quality, digitally restored print of Fort Worth, TX from the year 1886.

This vintage print includes numerous well known Fort Worth landmarks, and it's super accurate for 1886.

Our company has restored this vintage Fort Worth map by enhancing color as well as fixing discoloration, rips and fold lines. Certain imperfections such as stamps and other markings with historical value have been left untouched, but can be cleaned up easily if you choose at no extra cost.

This vintage vintage map of Fort Worth, TX is for sale in different sizes and is printed with advanced ink formulas on museum-quality, matte finish paper.

These look beautiful either framed or unframed.

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