Mahanoy City, PA Historical Map - 1889
Mahanoy City, PA Historical Map - 1889
Mahanoy City, PA Historical Map - 1889 Mahanoy City, PA Historical Map - 1889 Mahanoy City, PA Historical Map - 1889 Mahanoy City, PA Historical Map - 1889 Mahanoy City, PA Historical Map - 1889

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Mahanoy City, PA Historical Map - 1889


Historic Mahanoy City Landmarks On This Map

  • Public Schools
  • Humane Engine House
  • Citizens Engine House
  • Opera House Chas D. Kaier
  • Mansion House Chas F King
  • Grand Central Hotel Wm A. Bensinger
  • Derrick House M. Sim Byerly
  • Lehigh Valley Station
  • Reading R. R. Station
  • Foundry Breaker
  • Hills Breaker
  • Mahanoy City Gas Works
  • Grant Iron Works Geo. H. Wren Supt
  • Excelsior Steam Flour Mills
  • Tim Cockill Carriage Works
  • Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Roman Catholic Church Irish
  • Roman Catholic Church German
  • Polish Catholic Church
  • Presbyterian Church
  • Baptist Church
  • Christs, EV. Lutheran Church
  • St. Paul’s Reformed Church
  • St. John’s Eng Lutheran Church
  • Evangelical Church
  • Christadelphian Church
  • Primitive Methodist Church
  • Welsh Methodist Church
  • Welsh Congregational Church
  • Episcopal Church

This is a super-high quality, digitally restored print of Mahanoy City, PA from the year 1889.

This vintage piece includes a number of historic Mahanoy City landmarks, and it's very accurate for 1889.

Ted's Vintage Maps has restored this historic Mahanoy City map by enhancing the colors as well as editing out stains, tears and fold lines. Some imperfections such as stamps and other markings with historical value have been left in their original condition, but they are easily removed if you wish at no additional cost.

This great-looking vintage map of Mahanoy City, PA comes in different sizes and is printed with advanced ink formulas on museum-quality, durable paper.

These look beautiful in a frame, or hung as a poster.

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