Philadelphia, PA Historical Map - 1872
Philadelphia, PA Historical Map - 1872
Philadelphia, PA Historical Map - 1872 Philadelphia, PA Historical Map - 1872 Philadelphia, PA Historical Map - 1872 Philadelphia, PA Historical Map - 1872 Philadelphia, PA Historical Map - 1872

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Philadelphia, PA Historical Map - 1872


This is {an ultra-high quality|a super-high quality|a high quality}, digitally restored print of Philadelphia, PA from the year 1872.

This {historic piece|vintage print|historic print|vintage piece} includes {numerous|several|a number of|many} {well known|historic|recognizable|popular} Philadelphia landmarks, and it's {incredibly|very|super} accurate for 1872.

{Our team|The team here at Ted's|The Ted's team|Ted's Vintage Maps|Our company} has restored this {vintage|historic} Philadelphia map by enhancing {the colors|color} as well as {removing|editing out|fixing} {stains|discoloration}, {tears|rips} and {creases|fold lines}. {Certain|Some|Select|A few} {imperfections|markings|marks} such as stamps and other markings with historical value have been {preserved|left untouched|left in their original condition}, but {they are|can be} {easily removed|removed easily|easily cleaned up|cleaned up easily} if you {wish|choose|would like} at no {extra cost|additional cost}.

This {beautiful|high-quality|historic|vintage|great-looking} {vintage|historic} map of Philadelphia, PA {comes in|is available in|is available to you in|is for sale in} {various|different|multiple} {sizes|dimensions} and is printed {in ultra-high quality resolution|with advanced ink formulas} on museum-quality, {matte finish|durable|highly durable} paper.

{These|These prints|These pieces} look {beautiful|incredible|amazing} {either framed or unframed|in a frame, or hung as a poster}.

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  • Click the "message us" button to ask us about removing imperfections, {changing colors|further recoloring} or {including|creating} {custom|personalized|specific} margins to fit a {specific|particular} {frame size|size of frame}. {We can do most of this for free.|We can usually do this for free.|We can almost always do this for free.|We will do most of this at no extra cost.|This is something we do at no additional cost.}
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