Skowhegan, ME Historical Map - 1892

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Skowhegan, ME Historical Map - 1892
Skowhegan, ME Historical Map - 1892
Skowhegan, ME Historical Map - 1892
Skowhegan, ME Historical Map - 1892
Skowhegan, ME Historical Map - 1892
Skowhegan, ME Historical Map - 1892

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Map Description

Historic Skowhegan Landmarks On This Map

  • Coburn Woolen Mills, Lewis Anderson & Co.,
  • Mfrs Fancy Cassimeres & Broadcloths
  • Keene Bros., Ladies & Misses Shoe Mfrs
  • C.M Baileys Sons & Co., Oil Cloth Mfrs
  • Weston & Brainard, Lumber Mfrs
  • Weston & Brainard, Lumber Mfrs
  • Bacon Mfg Co. Machinists & Iron Founders
  • R. L. Mitchell, Mfr. Step Ladders, Wooden Wares Etc
  • Skowhegan Pulp Co., Wood Pulp
  • Richards Paper Co., Wood Pulp
  • J. H. Dane, Mfr. Doors, Sash & Blinds Etc
  • M. J. Allen, Mill Wright & Water Wheel Mfr
  • W. R Trask, Wood Turning
  • W. S. Varney & Co., Coffins, Caskets and Furniture
  • M. Nolin, Seythes, Hay Knives, Grass Books Etc
  • C. A. Williams & Co., Solid Cast Steel Lathing and Shingling Hatchets
  • C. W. Hayden, Bicyces & General Machine Repairing
  • Leland Tanning Co., Belting Leather
  • F. P Moore, Carriage Mfr. & Painter
  • E. W. Wilson, Blacksmith,
  • C. H. Burrill, Flour Mill
  • Adams & Caswell, Planing & General Wood Working
  • E. K. Delano, Mfg. Baker & Confectioner
  • Estes &Ward, Clothing & Gents Furnishings
  • Geo. W. Hawes Clothier
  • H. C. Decker, Clothing & Gents Furnishings
  • Walter F. Robbins, Jeweler & Optician
  • F. W. Allen & Co., Carpets, Crockery, Curtains, Wall Paper Etc
  • J. N. & I. J. Smith, Music Dealers
  • George Cushing, Drugs & Art Goods
  • Folsom & Oak, Funeral Goods & Picture Frames
  • W. H. Wildes, Dry Goods
  • W. B. Steward, Dry Goods
  • Forrest & Pooler, Plumbers & Steam Fitters
  • J. D. Rawles & Co., Hardware
  • Geo. W. Gray, Stoves & Ranges
  • Wm. Doran, Doran Furnace Co
  • E. S. Prescott, Groceries,
  • Geo. S. Webb, Groceries,
  • James Lumsden & Co., South Side Grocery
  • C. W. Day, Grocer
  • Woodbury & Gage, Grocers
  • A. A. Pierce, Groceries & Meats
  • Yeaton Bros. South Side Market

This is a super-high quality, digitally restored print of Skowhegan, ME from the year 1892.

This vintage piece includes a number of well known Skowhegan landmarks, and it's super accurate for 1892.

Ted's Vintage Maps has restored this vintage Skowhegan map by enhancing the colors as well as removing stains, tears and fold lines. A few markings such as stamps and other markings with historical value have been preserved, but can be removed easily if you choose at no extra cost.

This historic vintage map of Skowhegan, ME is available to you in multiple dimensions and is printed in ultra-high quality resolution on museum-quality, highly durable paper.

These pieces look incredible either framed or unframed.

Questions about this Skowhegan, Maine 1892 map?

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