Waco, TX Historical Map - 1886

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Waco, TX Historical Map - 1886
Waco, TX Historical Map - 1886
Waco, TX Historical Map - 1886
Waco, TX Historical Map - 1886
Waco, TX Historical Map - 1886
Waco, TX Historical Map - 1886

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Map Description

Historic Waco Landmarks On This Map

  • Federal Court House
  • County Court House
  • Waco University
  • Waco Female College
  • Paul Quinn College (cold)
  • Convent
  • Public Schools
  • Garland Opera House
  • McClelland Opera House
  • Post Office
  • Waco Water Cos Reservoir 140 above the level of the square
  • Baptist Churches
  • First Presbyterian
  • Cumberland Presbyterian
  • Episcopal
  • Southern Methodist
  • Northern Methodist
  • Hebrew Congregation
  • Catholic
  • German Methodist
  • German Evangelical
  • Christian
  • Norwegian Lutheran
  • Colored Churches
  • Daily Examiner
  • Daily Day & Jenney Electric Light Station and Tower
  • Slayden-Kirskey, Woolen Mill
  • Eikel & Breustedt, Wholesale Hardware and Implements
  • Kellum & Rotan, Wholesale Groccers
  • W. N. Orand & Co., Wholesale Tinware, Stoves and Crockery
  • Tripis & Kemendo, Wholesale Confectionery and Foreign Fruits. Camerons, Castles & Story, Wholesale Groceries and Drugs, cor. Fourth and Wahsington Sts
  • E. Strauss, Wholesale Hardware
  • Waco State Bank
  • James I. Moore, Seey and Mangr. Waco Building Association. Moore & Co., Insurance
  • Fort & Morrow, Insurance
  • Clark & Dyer, Attorneys at Law
  • James C. Walker, Residence
  • W. M. Ragland, Jeweler, 360 Austin Street
  • S. T. Mallory, Clothing, Furnishing Goods and Hats
  • Sleeper, Clifton & Co., Boots and Shoes
  • Bart Moore, Fancy Groceries and Plantation Supplies
  • P M. Ripley, Farm & Mill Machy, 609-615.621 Austin St
  • Wheeler, Lynham & Co., Meat and Cattle Dealers
  • Gartmell, Higginson & Co., Bankers
  • Pacific Hotel, Heatherly & Lowry
  • New McClelland Hotel, Orand Bros
  • St. Charles Restaurant and Saloon, J. T. Wilson
  • Bismark Saloon, H. F. Schumacher
  • Lehman House, Joe Lehman
  • Southern House, A. Fuchs
  • Union House, C. Lemke
  • Mo. Pacific Hotel
  • Waco Water Companys Office
  • Waco Oil Works F M. Nelson, Prest. W. H. Grider, Supt and Treas
  • Barton & Fosgard Sash, Doors and Frame Mfrs. Contractors and Builders Maltress Factory, Ed. Stephenson
  • Brazos Compress Co., W. D. Lacy, Mgr
  • E. Swanson, Sash, Door, Blind, Planing and Turning Mfg
  • Waco Cotton Mills, W. A. Taylor, Treas
  • Model Machine Company, cor. 6th and Washington Sts
  • James B. Baker, Brick Mfy
  • Wells & Gooch, Marble Works
  • Bybee Bros., Cigar Mfrs
  • Horsfull & Cameron, Wholesale Hardware
  • Young & Baker, Wholesale and Retail Boots and Shoes
  • S. Archenhold & Co., Wholesale Liquors, 451 Austin St
  • Sanger Bros., Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods
  • C. N. Curtis, Stoves, Crockery and Glassware
  • Marshall & Heard, Fine Family Groceries
  • Moore & Thompson, Groceries and Produce
  • Miller & Dennis, Groceries and Produce
  • Chambers Bros., Groceries, Feed and Produce
  • Kraft & Stolte, Groceries and Produce
  • B. Haber, General Dry Goods and Gents Furnishing Goods
  • Castles & Morrison, Old Corner Drug Store
  • W. A, Williamson & Co., Druggists and Pharmacists
  • H. Behrens, Druggist
  • W. L. Tucker, Druggist
  • J. E. Sears, Drugs and Medicines
  • Steiner & Stephenson, Furniture and Undertaking
  • W E. Ambold, Guns and Sporting Goods
  • Chas. Kophal, Fruits, Confectionery, Cigars, Etc
  • Chas. F. Smith, Paints, Oils, Wall Paper, Etc
  • Goodwyn & Cummings, Stoves and Tinware Mfrs, 657 Austin St
  • Lewis & Lewis, Tin and Sheet Iron Workers
  • C. A. Schroder, Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting
  • James Askew, White Elephant
  • W. A. Hogseet, Klausmann Brewing Cos Agent
  • Isaac Simmons, W. J. Lemps Ice and Beer Vault Agt
  • Louis H. Bruehl, Groceries, Nolions and Saloon
  • Mike Hennessy, Bon Ton Market
  • E. Kellner & Co., Job Printers
  • Orand Bros., Livery
  • Street Railway Office, J. W. Sedberry, Supt
  • W. P. Howland, District Agent, N. Y. Mut. Life Ins. Co
  • Joe S. Willis, Physician and Surgeon
  • Geo. D. Streeter, Physician and Surgeon
  • C. H. Row, M. D. Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon, Washington St. betw 7th and 8th Sts
  • A. A. Beville, Dentist
  • John G. Winter, Attorney at Law
  • Moore & Homan, Attorney at Law
  • Harrison & Monroe, Attorney at Law
  • J. B. Gilmer, Attorney at Law
  • Jones & Kendall, Attorney at Law
  • J. W. Taylor, County Attorney
  • Otis W. David, County Tax Collector
  • W. T. Harris, County Sheriff
  • Geo. W. Jackson Loan Broker
  • S. S. Floyd & Co., Cotton, Grain, Provision and R. R. Stock Brokers
  • McKinnie, Williams & Co., Cotton and Grain Buyers
  • Thompson Bros., Cotton Buyers
  • E. Dickey & Son, Cotton Factors & Commision Merchants
  • W. E. Dupree, Broker
  • West & Jones, Real Estate Etc
  • Prof. L. B. Anson, Pacific Shaving Parlor and Bath Rooms
  • Travis Jones
  • Geo. Clark
  • W. M. Ragland
  • W. W. Seley
  • J. A. Clifton
  • W. W. Dudley
  • C. O. Forsgard
  • E. N. Lynham
  • G. B. Dutton
  • T. McClelland, Jr
  • James I. Moore
  • Bart Moore
  • John Sleeper
  • H. F. Schumacher
  • T. B. Barton
  • A. Wheeler
  • J. H. Delany
  • J. B. Gilmer

This is a super-high quality, digitally restored print of Waco, TX from the year 1886.

This vintage piece includes a number of historic Waco landmarks, and it's incredibly accurate for 1886.

The Ted's team has restored this historic Waco map by enhancing the colors as well as fixing discoloration, tears and fold lines. Certain marks such as stamps and other markings with historical value have been preserved, but can be easily removed if you would like at no additional cost.

This historic historic map of Waco, TX is for sale in multiple dimensions and is printed with advanced ink formulas on museum-quality, durable paper.

These prints look amazing in a frame, or hung as a poster.

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